Our Company
  • It is a company dedicated to the manufacture of boilers, tanks, burners and special equipment that has grown with the mentality based on the quality and the service to the client like pillars of the development.

  • An excellent human team of professionals, technicians and officials has obtained recognition and the good prestige in all the zone the Argentine west

  • Our experience allows us to identify most advisable for its industrial projects, looking for to obtain highest perfomance in the yield of our equipment and like result, greater economy, better technology, in addition to the strict environmental norms.

 In synthesis, CALDERAS VULCANO are able of:

  • to advise
  • to provide
  • to construct
  • to put everything in good condition what comprises of your industrial project.
  • Maintenance pos sale to assure an optimal yield the equipment

ISO 9001
  • The priority and immediate project, then, as company and human group are the certification of international norms ISO 9001. We wished to continue assuring the quality of the projects that continuously we made